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2022 – another exciting year for Neobiomics

The year 2022 is now up and running after the holiday season. While finishing this week at the “Neobiomics HQ” at the Karolinska Science Park, I am looking forward what to come this year.

We finished off 2021 well. Food supplementation with ProPrems® was implemented in almost 70 hospitals throughout Europe, users shared some great feedback, and our team kept growing slowly and organically.

I am looking forward into 2022 with excitement. First of all, I feel Neobiomics is now maturing into more than “just a startup”. While we still face the challenges of a young company, we have proven to build a sustainable model, keeping an academic mindset. 2022 is the year of scaling up, our way.

I recently lectured about my personal reflections on embarking on this journey with Neobiomics and ProPrems®. For my colleagues at the Sachs Children and Youth Hospital, and also for our research group at Karolinska Institutet. Since the foundation of Neobiomics in 2016, there has been numerous opportunities for insights and learnings. And I admit that I personally have struggled a bit on this path, how to shift my professional identity from being just an “academic clinician”, to becoming an “academic entrepreneur”.

I hope to share some of those insights in more public forums in the future.
For now – may the *whatever you may need* be with you too!