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                                           About Us

Neobiomics is a budding company rooted in academia and we collaborate with experts from the industry.  We’re a Swedish company affiliated with Karolinska Institutet Innovation AB, Stockholm.

We’re based in Sweden, and working for the World. With collaborations all across Europe, we provide superior quality multi-strain food supplement. We strive to bring innovative ideas to life.

Our Story

I founded Neobiomics with my friend Philipp Novak in 2016. We are dedicated to bringing innovative ideas to life.

Since then, Neobiomics has expanded and collaborated with many similar-minded committed experts in science, technology, design, and business.

Today, we are a strong team-building self-propelling, and sustainable startup company.”

Stefan Johansson, MD PhD, CMO of Neobiomics

Our Core Values


Our creativity leads the way to innovative projects.


Our projects are based on knowledge.

Long-term scope

Our projects have a long-term scope. Our products are intended to be available long-term.


Transparency is a cornerstone to build trust. We want to share our knowledge and correspondingly, learn from others.


We minimise our impact on the environment. We work primarily through digital channels. Our product supply chains are as energy efficient as possible.

Our Presence

Centers and counting...

Our Partners

Neobiomics AB

Neobiomics has its fiscal base in Sweden, as an incorporated company (Swe. “aktiebolag”). Our VAT-number SE559072218601.