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Annual General Meeting 2022

Team Neobiomics conducted its Annual General Meeting for the year 2022. We were happy to be supported by our investors, board members, and fellow employees. The main goal was for us to interact and update on the current functioning of our company.

As a company, Neobiomics is currently growing slowly but in a steady manner. The Annual General meeting 2022, comprised of financial updates from the year 2021. We saw sales growth when we delivered ProPrems® to 68 healthcare centers, this was a good pace as we had begun with 25 healthcare centers in 2020. With additional collaborations with our trusted distributors, we hope to increase our presence and strengthen our brand in the upcoming years. This also motivates us to visit more conferences that are coming up this year.

In addition to current updates of the company, we indulged in an interactive session to brainstorm on forecasting where Neobiomics would stand in 5 years’ time. We received some great inputs that shed light on the company’s goal. Overall, it was a great opportunity for us to interact and the meeting was concluded with some classic refreshments. We thank everyone for their presence and constant support.