Stefan Johansson

Box design for the ProPrems® sachets

We have finalized the design of the box for the ProPrems® sachets. It will be a great packaging, functional for easy handling and stylish to signal that ProPrems® is a high-end product.

Affiliation to FTI

Neobiomics are now affiliated with FTI – the Swedish Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service. This means that we comply with our Producer responsibility when it comes to packaging recycling. As you are well aware, packaging recycling is essential for a more sustainable society. ProPrems® will… Read More »Affiliation to FTI

Almi supports Neobiomics

Neobiomics is granted a first startup loan from Almi. We are mostly grateful for the loan from Almi. Although only a smaller startup loan, those funds will be essential for the launch of ProPrems® during 2019. Furthermore, Almi also gives invaluable support in our discussions… Read More »Almi supports Neobiomics