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Bringing creative vision to life

Carla Martino holds a background in Industrial Biotechnology from Italy. She has over 3 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in different therapeutic areas. Here’s an interview with Carla…

Could you tell us about yourself?

My name is Carla and I like to think that the letters of my name can describe a bit of myself: Collaborative (but also Curious and Creative), Altruistic, Responsible, Learning passionate, and Assertive. I could use my surname´s letters as well but then the situation might get out of hand…

I was born in Italy and grew up between the vibrations of the big city of Milan and the beauty and authenticity of the Abruzzo hills. Maybe that is also why I fell in love with Stockholm: dual spirit with a perfect balance between nature and modernity.

Being a scientific person with a passion for creative and strategic projects, after graduation, I started working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry first in Italy and now in Sweden. It is extremely motivating for me to work in such an important industry, where the ultimate goal is to help people and improve their lives.

Besides work, I enjoy cooking, like all Italians, but above all I love travelling to explore new cultures, nature, art and meeting new people.

What motivates you?

There are several things that motivate me, but the three most important are:

Being and feeling useful: being aware that I can contribute to something important that can help people. 

Challenges: starting to learn something new, discovering new things, brainstorming to find the best solution for something, coming up with new useful ideas, dealing with difficult situations, and improving myself.

Positive and courageous people inspire me, and that’s what I try to be too! My family has always helped me to see the positive point of view and to never give up, believing in dreams and hard work.

Why did you choose Neobiomics and how has the journey of Neobiomics been so far?

I really wanted to work at Neobiomics because I felt strongly motivated to work with innovative, high-quality products with a solid scientific basis. Furthermore, I was excited to have the opportunity to work in a sales role because, after years in marketing and working with the sales force, my interest in sales and customer management has greatly increased. I really appreciated this opportunity as I am a proactive and curious person who loves new challenges and improving my skills.  

I started my experience at Neobiomics about three months ago, but I felt like I had been working here for a long time. I don’t know why, but probably because I feel very focused on my new tasks, and I work hard every day with the aim of bringing my contribution to the company. After these first months, I can say that I really enjoy working at Neobiomics. Additionally, I really appreciate the opportunity to work with and learn from people with long experience, diverse backgrounds, and strong ethical values.

Tell me one thing that surprises you working at Neobiomics!

The people. From the first moment I put my feet in the office, I appreciated not only the warm welcome but also the extreme collaboration and motivational spirit of all team members. I really enjoy working in an environment where “helping and supporting each other” is the mindset. This positive and constructive atmosphere motivates me every day and helps me to give my best in every task.      

As a person who has a marketing background, what was your motivation to venture into sales?

During my years working in marketing, I have always had the opportunity not only to work with different people in sales (Area Manager, Product Specialist, Customer Manager) but also to work in the field to support them. I have always enjoyed this part of my marketing role and have become more and more curious about it over the years.

Working directly with customers and having the opportunity to build strong long-term relationships with them were the two aspects I always enjoyed the most. The challenge of building a strong partnership with the client based on ethical and professional values is the aspect that has motivated me the most.  

In addition, I really enjoy exploring new challenges, expanding my horizons and skills and putting myself out there in a different context.

You introduced us to the concept of archetypes! What’s your personal brand archetype?

I heard about Archetypes two years ago and I was really impressed and fascinated by this philosophic theory applied to the marketing field.

Shortly…Archetype /ar’kɛtype/: from Greek arkhétypon, composed of arkhḗ (‘principle’) and týpos (‘model’). Over the centuries, various philosophers have introduced the concept of the archetype, but the idea of the archetype used in the marketing world today (Brand Archetype) is mainly based on Carl Gustav Jung’s theory, which consists of 12 profiles: Creator, Sage, Curator, Innocent, Jester, Magician, Governess, Hero, Everyman, Rebel, Explorer, Lover. They represent forms, images or recurring patterns of thought and behaviour, that help us perceive reality. Each archetype has its own set of values and personality traits.

Considering my attitude, I can say that I identify with the traits of the creator (imaginative, inventive, and driven to build things of lasting meaning and value) and the caregiver (protects and cares for others, is compassionate, nurturing, generous and supportive) and a pinch of the magician…who knows?