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KI Innovations supports Neobiomics

Neobiomics now recieves support from KI Innovations. We are more than grateful and also proud that KI Innovations sees the potential in our projects. The support makes us even more dedicated to succeed. KI Innovations is an incubator and a wholly owned subsidiary of Karolinska Institutets holding company. KI Innovations utilises research findings in life…

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Neobiomics – now “.eu”

We are now residing on a .eu domain, i.e. the URL to the web site is changed to and all our email addresses are This change adjusts the contextual frame for Neobiomics. An .eu domain will not only accommodate our European roots, but also signal that Neobiomics is not just like any other company.

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Neobiomics moves to H2 Health Hub

From New Years, Neobiomics moves in at H2 Health Hub, a co-working space and meeting place for the health care and med tech community in Stockholm. At H2 Health Hub, health startups fast-track their business by surrounding themselves with other highly motivated business builders to work, connect, collaborate, create, and share ideas. Our first location Norrsken…

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Scientific Advisory Board

We are very happy to announce that Neobiomics is now supported by a Scientific Advisory Board. The Scientific Advisory Board is not granted with any honorarium for work, but contribute to the projects as they share our vision and mission. The following neonatologists and researchers constitute the Scientific Advisory Board: Nicholas Embleton, UK Janet Berrington,…

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Neobiomics moves into Norrsken House

Neobiomics has qualified for an Impact Tech Membership at the Norrsken House in downtown Stockholm. The Norrsken House is an initiative and investment in impact entrepreneurship by Norrsken Foundation. We are moving in after the summer 🙂 The Neobiomics journey will continue in a hot spot of downtown Stockholm. Norrsken House is a 2400+ sqm creative…

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