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Neobiomics participated at the IPOKRaTES Neonatology Congress in Munich!

After a long period of COVID, it was the first time that Neobiomics participated in a congress. This paved way for us towards a great opportunity for us to talk to the neonatology community, engage in discussions, and listen to lectures. 

Frank Alkenbrecher at the IPOKRaTES Neonatology Congress

The IPOKRaTES Neonatology Congress opened up a space where we could meet HCPs in a real-life setting which gave us an opportunity to get away from the online meeting that often conduct. Needless to say, we all know that there is nothing that can substitute a meeting in the presence where you listen to scientific discussions and lectures and where you have the chance to talk to neonatologists in a personal and relaxed atmosphere. This event allowed us to present our product ProPrems® and be a part of the scientific discussions. It is easier to exchange ideas and present products like ProPrems® when you have a personal connection and you can see eye-to-eye.

We feel that our presence at the Munich conference was a real success and we are happy that we decided to be a part of the congress. We will be participating in more Neonatology Congresses to come! One of the next opportunities is the Annual Meeting of the German Neonatology Society in Aachen, in May 2022.

See you there !