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Parma Neonatology Conference in Italy on 7-8 June 2024

Team Neobiomics, represented by Carla Martino and Dora Marko, was delighted to participate in the prestigious Neonatology Conference held in Parma, Italy. This significant event provided an excellent opportunity to meet numerous neonatologists from across Italy and share insights about our innovative products, ProPrems and the newly introduced NeoMega36®.

The conference was well-organized, featuring distinguished speakers and a program filled with fascinating topics. Parma, with its enchanting atmosphere and delectable local cuisine, served as the perfect backdrop for this event. We truly enjoyed our time there and look forward to attending future conferences in this beautiful city.

During the coffee breaks and networking sessions, we were thrilled to forge new connections and receive positive feedback from our current contacts. Many participants expressed keen interest in learning more about Neobiomics and our evidence-based products. We made numerous valuable contacts and are excited to continue these discussions through virtual channels.

Next event?

The Neobiomics Team will be attending the 30th Anniversary of the REaSoN Neonatal Meeting in the UK on 24-25 June. We hope to see you there!

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