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ProPrems® Journeying to Australia’s Shores

ProPrems®, the cornerstone of Neobiomics, has not only served as a vital lifeline for the company but has also cultivated a robust network throughout the European region. We are delighted to announce a significant stride in our growth as we embark on a journey to expand our territories, setting our sights on the vibrant and dynamic Australia.

The decision to venture into Australia is driven by our commitment to extending the reach and impact of ProPrems®, sharing its benefits with a broader audience. As we take this bold step, we are fueled by enthusiasm and a shared vision for the potential this new territory holds for our innovative products.

Frank Alkenbrecher, our esteemed European Sales Manager, shares his insights on this exciting expansion: 

The whole Neobiomics Team is very excited to work on the launch of ProPrems® in Australia! We believe that Australia represents a great opportunity for Neobiomics and Proprems

This expansion marks a milestone in our journey, and we look forward to creating lasting connections and making a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals in Australia. As we open this new chapter, we are confident that our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction will continue to drive our success in the global landscape.

We extend our gratitude to our partners and supporters who have been instrumental in ProPrems’® success thus far. Together, we look forward to writing the next chapter of Neobiomics’ story in the thriving market of Australia.

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