Copyright: Södersjukhuset ABStefan Johansson, CEO of Neobiomics, is a Consultant Neonatologist and Associate Professor, and holds a PhD in epidemiology and biostatistics at Karolinska Institutet. In addition to be a social entrepreneur, being founder of and, he has vast knowledge in research design and works in several large-scale projects. With his methodological expertise, Stefan Johansson has published on a large variety of research topics, including very preterm birth, maternal obesity, patent ductus arteriosus, neonatal jaundice, Down syndrome and birth asphyxia.

Philipp Novak, vice president of Neobiomics, holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine and an MSc in pharmaceutical medicine, and has more than 14 years of industry experience, involving global roles in Research & Development and Innovation. Philipp Novak is also CEO and founder of orphanix GmbH, a development firm for medical treatments of rare and neglected diseases.


Nicholas Embleton is a Consultant Neonatologist (appointed 2003) and Honorary Reader at Newcastle University, UK. His MD research was on protein requirements in preterm infants (awarded 2002). Since then he has developed a wide research portfolio including large interventional studies funded by the NIHR, mechanistic studies of gut microbes and NEC, lactoferrin and perinatal infections.Nicholas Embleton is a member of the Committee of Nutrition, ESPGHAN. He also has extensive experience of qualitative studies with parents of preterm infants who did not survive. His research group website is

Janet Berrington is a consultant neonatal paediatrician and senior lecturer in Newcastle, UK. Her MD research was on neonatal immunology and she has ongoing research in the microbiome, NEC and infection, which include clinical and translational elements.

Per Torp Sangild is a Professor in Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition at University of Copenhagen, Denmark and holds part-time appointments at Copenhagen and Odense University Hospitals. His degrees are PhD (1990), DVSc (1996) and DMSc (2010), all from University of Copenhagen. Research focus is on clinical nutrition and developmental gastroenterology with long experience in using animal (piglet) models for infants, particularly preterm infants. He is leading an international research network, NEOMUNE/NEOCOL, investigating milk and microbiota effects on immunity, gut and brain development (Danish Research Council, 2013-2021, International experience from longer research stays in United Kingdom, Australia and China. 170 peer-review publications.

Maria Carmen Collado is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology- Spanish National Research Council (IATA-CSIC) in Valencia, Spain. Her research work is multidisciplinary and includes microbiology, food science and nutrition areas. Her research interests are focused on microbiota, and health and nutrition. Her current work includes basic and applied research on molecular analysis and evaluation of health effects of beneficial bacteria, the microbial-host interactions, microbiome and its role in human health and diseases and also, the influence of diet and other factors.

Francesco Cardona is a Consultant Neonatologist at the Medical University Vienna, Austria. He has a Masters Degree in Epidemiology. His previous research was at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology conducting interventional studies. Currently he is doing research on the Austrian birth registry.

Marijn J. Vermeulen is a Consultant Neonatologist, at Erasmus University Medical Center in The Netherlands, since 2008. Her clinical focus is on nutrition and growth after preterm birth with a special interest in necrotizing enterocolitis. She is actively involved in the national neonatal parent advocacy organisation. As a senior researcher and clinical epidemiologist, she runs clinical studies (mainly in premature infants) and population based studies (embedded in Generation R and Generation R Next), on fetal and neonatal growth and the role of nutrition (including breast feeding, iron status) and circadian rhythm.