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Ambitiousness and Resilience Creates Innovative Ideas

With a master’s degree in Bioentrepreneurship, Sneha is a driven Marketing and Sales Analyst with innovative ideas and clever solutions. She is always there to help her colleagues and share her knowledge in sales, marketing and the digital tools used. Since Sneha started in December, she has become a crucial member of the Neobiomics team, she has been involved in almost every project, supervised our interns, and holds the fort in our Headquarters in Solna.

Please describe yourself 

I was born in India and partly grew up partly in Dubai, following my interest in biotechnology, I ventured into the field of research and quickly realized that it wasn’t my forte. Then I began looking for Master’s outside of India because I wanted to experience more. This landed me in Sweden in 2018 for my Master’s in Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska Institutet. My close ones would describe me as a happy-go-lucky person. I believe in being a learner for life, and it helps me stay grounded. I like challenges and aim to constantly grow through them. I have an inclination toward working for a cause and apart from work, I enjoy painting.  

Why did you choose Neobiomics as an employer?

I came across Neobiomics during my Master’s, the company was very new and at its early stage. I knew that Neobiomics worked within a very niche field which is something that caught my interest and when I saw the opportunity to be a part of it, I knocked on the door and I’m glad to be a part of it now. 

What inspires you?

Ambitious and resilient people inspire me, which is what I strive to be as well. My parents have always pushed me to do better and now as a person I always want to find out how better I can get at what I do and that is my biggest motivation. 

What is the one big thing about Neobiomics which surprised you?

That how open we are about collaborating with other organizations/ companies working in the same field. I was also told that Neobiomics was initially aimed to be a non-profit, and with that being said the drive to provide the best to our network is the very heart of Neobiomics. Also, the way we function is so different from the “steretotypical business” point of view and we all work for a cause which amazing to be a part of.

How is your journey with Neobiomics so far?

It’s been great! It’s an immense pleasure to work here. As a part of start-up culture everyone does everything in the team and I think that is great. It helps me push myself and try different tasks and some that I have never done before. I love to contribute new ideas which has always been welcomed and taken into account. So, I look forward to more such time. 

Describe the team culture at Neobiomics 

I HAVE THE BEST TEAM! There is so much that I can learn from everyone. It is very easy to approach everyone in the team and I feel very supported at all times. Overall, it is great environment to work in even though we all are working from different regions.

How it is to live in Sweden, or what surprised you the most about Sweden?

Its been 4 good years! I had great experience while I was a student and the same percolates now. What surprised me the most is how dark it can get during the winters! As an Indian I still miss the sun. But Sweden is an amazing country and the people are very genuine.