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Closing the book with David – the open-minded problem solver

In the last year, the team of Neobiomics has increased twofold. One particular star recruitment has added positive energy and advanced Excel-skills to the team. His mindset to always stay humble, structured, and open to new ideas has strengthened us in many situations. In this interview, David Berntsson, Business Analyst, gives his reflections before taking on the next step in his career. What is his best memory from the last year with Neobiomics? And what is his advice to new employees?

About David

David Berntsson, Business Analyst, holds a BSc in Business and Economics from Stockholm University and pursues a Master’s Degree in Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics. David has experience working as a Business Analyst within the technology industry and he has a particular interest in business development and financial analytics.

Please describe yourself!
I was born in Norway but have lived here for the last 15 years, and hopefully, I will have more opportunities to go abroad soon! I’m currently studying my Master’s in Finance at SSE, and before that, I studied Business Administration at Stockholm University. As a person, I love to challenge myself and I always try to see the positive aspects of every situation. I am also very passionate about Formula 1 and staying active in the gym.

How would you summarize your time with Neobiomics?

I have enjoyed my time here a lot. When I came on board during the summer, I was introduced to the nuts and bolts of the business right away and was given a lot of responsibility. I grew up with two parents who are doctors, so medicine has always been a passion for me, and I was excited to work with Stefan and the rest of the team. I think what sets Neobiomics apart from most places I’ve worked at is the flexibility and focus on building the best business possible. I’ve been able to help develop many aspects of the finance function here at the company and have learned a lot about business development and finance as a result, something I deeply value.

What are your key takeaways?

I would say that communication, creative thinking, and a natural curiosity for learning take you quite far. At a smaller startup, there are few established routines for how to do things, in comparison to larger companies, and you often encounter situations where nobody has the right answer. But, if you always stay humble, structured, and open to new ideas there really aren’t any problems that are insurmountable. I believe that to be the most valuable lesson that I take away from here.

If you always stay humble, structured, and open to new ideas there really aren’t any problems that are insurmountable

What is your best memory from the last year?

I think the first few weeks were the most fun I had during the summer. In addition to my usual finance duties, I got to take over the distribution of ProPrems for a month and it quickly felt like I oversaw a FedEx warehouse because of all the boxes I was sending out almost daily. I even became friends with the UPS employee who came to pick up the packages. It was a unique experience and I really felt like I was part of the company and helping to have a direct impact on its operations.

We have several new recruits on the team. What would you tell a new employee of a start-up?

Don’t be afraid of the unknown, there have been many times where I have been completely unsure of what should be done or how to solve a certain problem but you know that there is always a solution and Google is your best friend in many cases. The people at Neobiomics are also incredibly talented and want to help so don’t be afraid to ask questions because it is a team-based environment, where everyone wants everyone to succeed.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown

Gabriella Gröndahl, a new recruit, takes over as Business Analyst.

What do you look forward to in your future career steps?

Right now, I am moving on to work in transaction advisory at KPMG. I hope to then be able to finish my studies in two years and work in the financial sector. I am still quite passionate about medicine and to get an opportunity to combine healthcare and finance as an investment professional would be a dream come through for me.

Natasha and David at the office in Solna for the last time together.

Thanks for your answers! In a following article, we will interview Caroline Boström, newly recruited Sales Manager for the UK at Neobiomics. What would you like to ask her?
Hi Caroline! What would you say attracts you to working at a startup like Neobiomics?

Caroline, David, Natasha, and Gabriella – gathered on Neobiomic’s only social activity during the slowdown of the Covid-19 pandemic. The diverse nationalities experiencing Swedish Christmas culture together.


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