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Operational Day- Neobiomics

Last week we had an Operational day at Sigtunastiftelsen outside of Stockholm. Our team were flying in from Berlin, Linz, and London to participate in the day. We spent the time discussing how the operational work can get more efficient, standardise processes and plan upcoming events. Also, we took the opportunity to have some Swedish Fika and enjoy each other’s company over a nice lunch and a beautiful three-course dinner to round up the day.

Great discussions
The shopping street in Sigtuna

It’s always great to gather the team and have a day like this where we can really discuss and evaluate our operational methods and improve them. When the team is spread out all over Europe it is very appreciated and fun to meet the colleagues in real life as well as lucrative. We hope to do the operational day an annual tradition because it was a very productive and positive day.

Beautiful old buildings in Sigtuna