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Steering a career with open-mindedness

With international experience in business management, Vesa Loponen has been a solid member of Neobiomics. He has helped the establishment of ProPrems® in Finland, as he has mostly worked with us remotely. This interview gave us a good opportunity to learn more about him and how he views his experience with Neobiomics.

Could you please describe yourself?

With more than 40 years in leadership positions in the international and domestic pharma industry, one could think, I know quite a lot about this business. Sure, but changes are stable and therefore one needs to be curious to keep going and manage in this business. I am always open to new experiences and challenges and get energic with them. I am a family- and friend-centric person, and I strongly believe that it gives me skills to manage well with different types of people and I like communication with them. Nowadays, I have the opportunity to combine work and my hobbies in daily life, which makes all enjoyable. 

What inspired you to be a part of Neobiomics?

Neobiomics has shown to share the same values as I do. Furthermore, the area of business is not exactly the pharmaceutical industry getting me to learn again new things. The Company is led in an open and honest way, which is also important to me to have a good time.

How has your journey with Neobiomics been?

My journey has lasted more than a year and it has been interesting. With small steps, I started the business started in Finland. The importance behind success in business is a collaboration between all people in the company and teamwork.

What’s one thing that surprised you while working with Neobiomics?

I have been surprised how I think Neobiomics to be like an additional family to me with all the friendly people around.

How do you decide what you want to work with after 4 decades in the industry?

In a way, I think I have done what one has to do during a long carrier. However, as being open-minded I am still looking for interesting experiences and opportunities to be part of something new – like the Neobiomics story.

If you had to make a prediction for the company, where do you think we would be in the next 5 years?

For sure, Neobiomics will be a leading provider of ProPrems in Europe and be also respected because of its innovative approach to doing business.

Who do you look up to for inspiration?

Right now I am very much looking for and appreciate the work President Sauli Niinistö is doing in Finland. I mean, he shows true leadership in situations where it is most needed. Leadership is so important in business, too.

What was your first-ever job?

I started my “career” as a horse boy on a farm when I was 11 years old. This summer job lasted a couple of months, and the salary was 11 markka/day with breakfast, lunch, and dinner benefits…

What’s your best advice to young professionals?

Be curious and open-minded and be ready for teamwork. When you give, you get!

Thank you very much, Vesa for your contributions and for the interview!

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