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The milestone of 100+ Hospitals

ProPrems very recently hit the milestone where we now collaborate with 100+ hospitals all across Europe. With that being said here are a few words from our CEO, Stefan Johansson on what he thinks about the journey so far:

“You might have seen the post that Neobiomics had provided ProPrems® to 100 health care centers in Europe. How that feels? While all work over years has taken its toll, I start to (proudly!) grasp the potential impact of it all. And I feel… relief.

Coming up with a brilliant idea is easy, but putting it into practice is a different game. That is my major learning with Neobiomics and ProPrems®.

If time allows in the future, I have enough experiences and anecdotes for a book! Like a “Part Two” of Rand Fishkins classic “Lost and Founder“, the greatest of reads for everyone in startups.

As you may know, this journey started seven years ago. I was frustrated about the lack of a bifidobacterial food supplement of high quality. Patients needed one and I felt they pledged me TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. After some visionary discussions with my friend Philipp Novak, we started to Think Big together. 

Now, seven years and some hard learnings later, we have achieved something along the lines we formulated from the beginning, to bridge the gap between academic research and patients. Thanks to our constructive collaboration with Chr. Hansen in Denmark, ProPrems® is also the high-end product we envisioned from the very beginning when we listed the rigorous safety criteria that had to be met during manufacturing.

This journey has been possible only thanks to many. Family and friends, colleagues around the globe, investors and partners near and far, and of course, our growing team. I and Philipp were a bit naive in the very beginning (we have a Swedish expression for this, to be “blue-eyed”), but through some formal training and lots of learning-by-doing, we now run a small and fast-growing company. For myself, I have encountered with previously unchartered territories somewhat far from my roots as clinician and researcher. I am not proud about my work-life balance since years, but all work has also given my life much purpose and meaning. And as said, I feel relieved that it has been possible for us to cross so many finishing lines in races I previously knew little about.

We aimed high in 2015. It is wonderful to have reached this far and I feel excited looking further down the road.