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Unique collaboration between the Board of Directors and the Neobiomics team

From working with R&D, business development and strategy for large international corporations, she is now a member of the Board of Directors at Neobiomics. In this interview, Kristina Magnusson Borg shares her new experience from the start-up world. She revolves around the unique teamwork and why she is optimistic about the future of Neobiomics.

About Kristina Magnusson Borg

Kristina Magnusson Borg has worked more than 35 years within the life-science industry. Her experience ranges from basic and clinical research, business development to marketing & sales in senior and strategic positions on a global market. Kristina holds a Ph Licentiate degree in Medical Science, Karolinska Institute, as well as an Executive MBA.

To begin with – who are you?

I am a positive, and enthusiastic person who enjoys new challenges. For me it is important to work with products that I believe in, that have high ethical standards and where I feel that I can contribute to a common good.

When did you join Neobiomics and why?

I was introduced to Neobiomics during a pitch meeting at Connect Sverige where I was in the expert panel while Stefan Johansson and Gustav Johansson presented the Neobiomics pitch.

Since probiotics is one of the most exciting areas I have ever worked with and since I love the product (ProPrems®), the story, the people and the passion behind Neobiomics I was really happy when Stefan asked me to join the Board of Directors during spring 2020.

In November 2020, you have spent more than half a year with us. How would you describe the team culture?

I think the team is fantastic! The close, very constructive, and positive collaboration between the Management Team, the group, and the Board of Directors is unique. It’s really a team effort built on knowledge, trust and joy.

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You are part of Neobiomics Board of Directors. What challenges and opportunities do you see with Neobiomics?

One of the biggest challenges is the regulatory classification. It makes it difficult for consumers to differentiate between good products with high quality, such as ProPrems®, and other products.

Since Neobiomics has a very good product, and thanks to a great and passionate team, I feel very optimistic about the future.

Do you mind sharing a learning from your years at larger corporations – that you also practice at the start-up?

It is always important to work with products that you believe in – whether you work in a small or large organization. Only then you can contribute to the full potential.

Try to visualize the company goal and/ or direction in order to stay focused and take the right decisions. Get some structure but keep it simple.

“It is always important to work with things that you believe in”

Kristina Magnusson Borg

Previously, I had an interview with Philipp Novak, the co-founder of Neobiomics. He forwarded a question: “Kristina, having a career in rather large corporations, what is the most fun part working for a start-up and what is the worst part?”

I love the passion, energy, and joy in a start-up company. Everything is possible and everyone is eager to contribute and help out, independent of position.

The challenging part might be the limitations of being a small team and at the same time wanting to do so much. However, these limitations push creativity which is crucial in a start-up company and makes the work fun and inspiring.

Thanks for your answers! In the following article I will interview Vera Westin. What would you like to ask her?

Dear Vera, as an experienced dietitian I would like to ask you how and why you picked Neobiomics as one of the companies to work with.


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