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Balancing Compassion and Competitiveness

With a background in Biomedical Physics, Caroline Boström has been an integral member of our team operating from London. Here’s an interview with Caroline, reflecting on her journey with Neobiomics so far!

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself

I finished my Master of Engineering with a specialization in Biomedical Physics in July 2021. In October, I moved to London with my partner and I got the opportunity to join Neobiomics and be responsible for Sales in the UK.

I think people around me would describe me as a happy, kind and easy-going person. I often appear calm and collected, and that is something I’ve probably adapted early in my childhood. I grew up with two teasing older brothers, and I understood early that it wasn’t so much fun teasing someone who kept it together.

One thing about myself that I like is that I’m a yes-sayer. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a people pleaser or because of my competitiveness, but it’s not many times I regret saying yes. It usually pushes me forward, either in learning something new or developing as a person. Also, if I have said yes, I keep my word and carry out whatever that has to be.

My big passion, more than life science and MedTech, is sports, mostly football and tennis. I love both playing and watching. I’ve played both tennis and football since I was 6 years old. After high school, I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida where I studied International Business for a year and played football and tennis for the University. I have played football in the third and fourth highest leagues in Sweden during my studies and I’m planning on finding a team to play with here in London as well.

How has your journey with Neobiomics been so far?

When I first started, I didn’t know what to expect. I had never worked in sales before and this was my first full-time job since graduating from University. I was welcomed to this amazing team with open arms, and I really enjoy working with them. I get the support I need and appreciation that gives me confidence in my work.

The UK market is one of our largest markets, and there is a lot to do. When I started working in October there had been much done already, but there was not much structure. We had a handful of customers in the UK and many who were in the process of becoming customers. Also, there was a large number of hospitals that we hadn’t been in contact with and that was my number one priority.

What was your biggest surprise living in the UK?

What surprised me the most was the weather! It is not as bad as I thought it would be and is actually a significant upgrade to the Stockholm weather. The winter is far shorter and warmer here, and spring starts much earlier.

Another thing that surprised me is that London is very international and diverse. When walking around in London, you hear all kinds of different languages and not just English.

You function as the Sales Manager and hold the fort in London. What keeps you motivated everyday?

I’ve always wanted to work for a bigger purpose, to help people, which is why I studied Biomedical Engineering. I really believe that we are working for something great here, which makes me motivated.

Another thing that gets me going is my competitiveness. I’m competitive and it’s easy to measure performance while working in Sales. I always want to do my best and give my all when I’m doing something.

I like to challenge myself, and I love the feeling of accomplishing something I never thought I would. That is one of the reasons I accepted this job, in spite of having no experience in Sales. I saw it as an opportunity to grow and learn new skills.

It is also easy to keep motivated when there is a lot of interest in ProPrems® and there are things to do.

What’s your take on working in a startup?

I like working in a startup because you get to do a large variety of different tasks. I’ve recently also supported our marketing efforts and I get the opportunity to learn a wider range of things than I would have in a larger company.

Also, it is easier to implement things in smaller companies, the decisions are implemented faster because there are not so many steps in the hierarchy.

In a startup, I feel like my performance is crucial in a different way. In a bigger corporation, it is not as easy to see an individual’s achievements.

Your contributions to the sales for ProPrems® are truly amazing. What are your secret skills for working with the healthcare industry in the UK?

To begin with, I can’t take all the credit for the sales in the UK. Many of our recent customers have been in the process of getting ProPrems® long before I started. As I mentioned in the blog post about the UK market, it takes time for customers to go through the process of getting ProPrems®. But I might have been there for them, reminding and pushing them to get everything done in the process and order.

I believe having someone working full time on the UK market is what has made the sales in the UK successful lately. Working in sales means you need to be persistent and available to the customers.

I do also believe that my academic background has helped me in sales. Most physicians make evidence-based decisions, and what they want to hear are facts and research. As a Biomedical engineer, I share the same beliefs and I know what I would have wanted to hear.

If not for sales, what would you rather do?

I would like to work toward a more technical perspective, and maybe in the future work with the development of life science / MedTech products.

If you could learn one professional and personal skill, what would that be?

There is no professional skill I can think of right now that I would want to have, but maybe to try different positions within the healthcare industry. A skill I would like to improve would maybe be to be more confident when speaking other languages but Swedish. This is something I do work on every day here in London obviously!

What’s your advice to the future employees of Neobiomics?

Don’t be afraid of asking for help if there is something you are unsure about. The team is very helpful and we are all on the same mission here! But also be creative and take initiatives, which is needed in a startup to be successful.

Thank you for this conversation!


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